Where in the World is Kaydance?

Life after Parental Abduction: The struggle to find my daughter Kaydance & to bring her Home. 

An Open Letter to....

Other Parents

September 21, 2017

This is the time of year that you are sending your children back to school -- I am one of the teachers welcoming your children to each new year. 

I love being a teacher.

But welcoming your children is secretly hard on my heart, knowing that my own daughter is...... I have no idea where. 

I don't know if my daughter is attending a school, or if she is kept behind closed doors and curtained windows. 

This is my life - without my darling Kaydance.

I love you so much Kaydance. 


MamaT Misses You. 

We are still searching for you Kaydance, we are still searching for you. 

Those Who Cannot Even Fathom Losing their Child...

August 23, 2017

"The mindset of loss of a loved one is to understand that the loss will never be undone. You must live with it, like it or not. But, to live well, you must turn that loss into something positive. That way, you can become the best version of yourself; scarred, flawed and unstoppable."   ~Val Uchendu


Darling Kaydance, I wrote a story for you called "Apple Jack & the Garden Gnats". The story is posted on your facebook page Where in the World is Kaydance. I wish I could read your story to you Sweetheart; I miss you every moment of every day. I am still looking for you Kaydance, & one day you will be found & returned home, my love, Kaydance. 

My Wife, the Felon

August 9, 2017

I can see you now, that smug look on your face.

You think you've won some kind of victory, but you've committed a crime against OUR CHILD, and you will not go unpunished forever. Oh no, you won't.

It's not over Lauren, not by a long shot.

I promise you.

I promise Kaydance. 


to My Sweet Daughter, Kaydance

July 10, 2017

My Darling, our country, (YOURS & mine) Canada, has just marked 150 years of confederation. Oh Kaydance, how I wish you had been here to take part in all the marvelous celebrations!! 

How can 14 months feel so much like 150 years Kaydance? Without seeing your face, holding your hand, kissing your cheek -- that's how Darling, that's how. 

The search for you continues my love, I am always searching...

All my Love, from MamaT.

Lauren the Chameleon

June 26, 2017

Remember when you were a lesbian Lauren? Remember how we giggled & delighted in this cute little Gay Pride onesie that Kaydance received at our baby shower? You were so proud to be my wife; we were so in love then.

Remember the fun we had decorating the bikes & Kaydance's little tow-behind wagon for the Victoria Gay Pride Parade? You were so proud that we were a pair of lesbian mums representing the LGBT community. We had such a lovely day on our bikes, riding & waving to the crowd in the sun with Kaydance.

But you've had a transformation, haven't you? 

Suddenly, you're not gay at all. In fact, suddenly, gay is somehow reprehensible to you; is it because your mother said you were too pretty to be gay? 

Heads up Lauren - there are lots of beautiful women (more attractive than you) who are gay. For real.



Justin Trudeau

June 11, 2017

Where are you Justin? 

After you made such a show of concern over Canadian children being abducted from their parents & their Homeland.... 

What have YOU or your government done about it?

Absolutely NOTHING?

Yeah. That's what I thought. 

Your children are safe at home, but there are many Canadian children who have been uprooted & ripped from their homes by their foreign-born parent & are being kept hidden away from the Canadian parents searching so desperately for them. 

What is the Canadian Gov't doing to help find & bring these Canadian children home??

PM Justin Trudeau - Do you even give a shit?

Kaydance; 364 Days Lost, & Counting

May 7, 2017

To My Dear Little Lamb Lost

April 24, 2017

Dear Sweet Kaydance, 

Though you are lost,

I am always with you.

Never despair,

The search continues.

All my Love,


To my Friends & Supporters

April 9, 2017

Dear Friends,

Your support & help has been one of the few thin strings that keep me connected to hope, & through that hope, connected to my daughter, Kaydance.

In less than 30 days it will be the anniversary of my wife kidnapping my daughter. Knowing Lauren as I do, she will make a batch of fancy cupcakes & throw a celebratory party for herself having been so clever as to keep Kaydance hidden away from me. 

If the judge were Solomon, Lauren is the mother who would have our baby killed before she would let me have her, even just for a short visit. 

I miss you Kaydance. I LOVE you, & I will NEVER. Stop. Looking. for YOU.

All my love Kaydance, Sending you all my love,


My Wife

January 8, 2017

Dear Lauren,

I know you must be stressed by your current situation; your decision to circumvent the orders of the Courts by taking Kaydance & fleeing from Canada has put us all into a life of constant turmoil. I miss Kaydance every. Single. Minute. You know my true heart Lauren, so you know that I have been literally consumed with worry & grief ever since you tore our daughter out of my life 285 days ago & counting.

While I know you think that you are doing what is right for you (wherever you are), how can Kaydance have any semblance of a normal life when at any moment you might uproot her again & run to somewhere else new & strange to her? 

How will you obtain medical care for Kaydance when you must always worry that you may be asked to present documentation of your identities? What if our daughter should become ill & require more care than a parent alone can render? Will you withhold critical care from our child so that you can keep her hidden? 

I think that you must be feeling quite overwhelmed by the magnitude of the trouble that you have brought upon yourself, upon Marco, & upon your parents. You must be starting to realize that your intention to replace me as Kaydance's parent with Marco so that the two of you can pretend to be a nuclear family is only a pipe dream Lauren, because as long as you keep running, you will be pursued by the long arm of the law. You want to blame me for your legal issues Lauren, but you are an intelligent woman, & you always knew that thumbing your nose at the entire Canadian Judicial system would only promote a more vigorous pursuit in the interests of justice.

Lauren, please, how are you able to be the best parent that you can be to either Kaydance or Marcus under these circumstances? 

You must be always very fearful of being apprehended by the police because, before these crimes you have committed against Kaydance & I, the eyes of the law had never turned towards you. 

Your fears are very well warranted Lauren; the investigators continue the investigation, and I continue to press the media to share my plight.
I know that you are frightened at the prospect of being extradited back to Canada to answer for your actions, & I know you are afraid that you will be imprisoned for the crimes (one a felony) with which you have been formally charged.
I ask of you only 3 things:
  1. Return with Kaydance to Canada, 
  2. Commit to attend all proceedings in the matter of our shared custody agreement, &
  3. Agree to be bound by the rulings of the Courts in all matters involving you, me, & Kaydance.

That is all that I want from you Lauren.

You can end all of this. You can end the ongoing manhunt for you. You can end the strife that you have created right now Lauren... All you have to do is surrender yourself to the authorities & this pandemonium will be over at once. 

In return for your co-operation Lauren, I swear to you & before the world that I will wholeheartedly & without reservation be supportive of leniency in the disposition of your criminal charges. I will not make a victims statement in open court, nor press for your imprisonment for felony Parental Abduction or on your 2 counts of violating the orders of the Canadian Court. 

I remain committed to attend all proceedings in the matter of our shared custody agreement & I agree to be 100%  bound by the rulings of the Courts in all matters involving you, me, & Kaydance.

Will you continue to subject our daughter to a life of dread & suspicion? A life of denying her own identity? A life of constantly looking over her shoulder? A life of solitude & unease?

Please Lauren, I beg of you... 

Do the right thing. Bring Kaydance home.



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Take a Break Magazine Issue 10, @ UK news stands as of 3/9/17

I never expected to see my face on the cover of any magazine for any reason; it saddens me, though I am very grateful to Take A Break for helping to keep Lauren's photo circulating and for keeping my search for Kaydance in the public eye.

That is our story, Kaydance's & mine, blazed across the cover in the red banner of Take A Break magazine, Issue 10, which came out 3/9/17. 

Please, readers of Take A Break & travelers... PLEASE leave issue #10 wherever you can do - doctors offices, dentists, airports, train stations, restaurants.

Please, help spread the word in hopes of Kaydance & I being reunited. 

$10K Reward

$10,000 Cash Reward for information leading to Kaydance's return to Canada!

Contact the Authorities

Any sighting or suspected sighting of Kaydance... Or of the wanted fugitive, Lauren Ann Etchells... Or of any one of her accomplices anywhere at all  should be reported at once to the proper authorities. If you have any information at all about any of the people involved in this case, I urge you to please, please contact someone, whether it be the authorities or me.

Do NOT approach these people on your own, PLEASE! If Lauren or her accomplices suspect that they have been sighted, Lauren may take Kaydance & bolt to evade capture.

A reported sighting or other information could quite possibly lead to Kaydance's return to Canada, & payment of the $10,0000 cash reward.

Kaydance, My Love


Kaydance Paige Etchells

DOB: September 26, 2014

Born in Edmonton, Alberta

Blonde hair & Blue eyes

Abducted from Vancouver Island home on May 8, 2016

My Wife, the Abductor


Lauren Ann Etchells

International Fugitive from Justice!

DOB: 09/21/1985

5'3" tall & 125-140 pounds

Hazel Eyes

Pierced ears & bellybutton

Dual British/Canadian Citizen

*Believed to be hiding out in Europe

The Accomplices


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