Where in the World is Kaydance?

Life after Parental Abduction: The struggle to find my daughter Kaydance & to bring her Home. 

"Abduction is just a word until YOUR child is taken."

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“Today I celebrate her birth again, but with tears of sorrow,” Brown said. “If I had one birthday wish for you Kaydance, it would be that you would be found and brought back to Canada. How can I summarize these months of misery? You can never begin to know the suffering of not knowing where your child is... Rather than celebrating your second birthday together Kaydance, I'm instead in a police room sending a plea to the world to ask for help in finding you. Kaydance should be in Canada celebrating her life; instead her life is being hidden away somewhere in the world." 09/26/16 Kaydance's 2nd Birthday

Please!! Help me find my daughter, Kaydance Paige Etchells, who was abducted by my wife, Lauren, from Vancouver Island, Canada on May 8, 2016.

After landing in England, on 05/22/16 Lauren fled across the English Channel & into Europe, where she continues to hide Kaydance from me & from the authorities. In the Schengen region* of Europe, travel is freely permitted without requiring proof of documentation (the Schengen region is comprised of *27 countries)

I believe there are a number of Etchell family members, & even some former mutual friends, who know where my wife is hiding Kaydance, but who have been persuaded to keep silent.

I ask these people to consider: Is it in Kaydance's best interest to spend her life being constantly uprooted & hidden away from the authorities? What kind of quality of life can a child have spent hiding in the shadows of society? 

Lauren & I were scheduled to go before the Supreme Court of Canada & to be bound by the rulings of the Court in the matters of a shared custody arrangement & a legal separation. When it became apparent that the Court (being impartial) would not be rubber-stamping all of her demands, Lauren carried out her plan to abduct our child & flee from Canada.

Six days later I learned (from Brian Etchells) that my little girl had been stolen from me, & my whole world splintered into a million pieces.

Messages to My Wife

“Lauren, this is not how I envisioned our separation. And although Kaydance is only two, this will without a doubt be something that will impact her future. As good parents I am begging you to work with me to ensure Kaydance’s best interest is our No. 1 priority and that she is part of both her parents’ lives.” click here for source

"What Lauren has done is taken away Kaydance's freedom. Kaydance will be unable to grow up knowing her mum and her family. Lauren is causing Kaydance no end of psychological damage, including being unable to form any sort of trusting long-term relationship."                                               ~ said Sgt. Jereme Leslie of the Saanich police in a press conference: click here for source 

Contact the Authorities

Any sighting or suspected sighting of Kaydance... Or of the wanted fugitive, Lauren Ann Etchells... Or of any one of her accomplices anywhere at all  should be reported at once to the proper authorities. If you have any information at all about any of the people involved in this case, I urge you to please, please contact someone, whether it be the authorities or me.

Do NOT approach these people on your own, PLEASE! If Lauren or her accomplices suspect that they have been sighted, Lauren may take Kaydance & bolt to evade capture.

A reported sighting or information could quite possibly lead to Kaydance's return to Canada, & payment of the $10,0000 cash reward.




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Kaydance, My Love


Kaydance Paige Etchells

DOB: Sept 26, 2014

Born in Edmonton, Alberta

Blonde hair & Blue eyes

Abducted from Vancouver Island home on May 8, 2016

$10K Reward

Offering a $10,000 Cash Reward for information leading to Kaydance's return to Canada.

My Wife, the Abductor


Lauren Ann Etchells

 International Fugitive from Justice!

DOB: 09/21/1985

5'3" tall & 125-140 pounds

Hazel Eyes

Pierced ears & bellybutton

Dual British/Canadian Citizen

*Believed to be hiding out in Europe

The Accomplices