Where in the World is Kaydance?

Life after Parental Abduction: The struggle to find my daughter Kaydance & to bring her Home. 

Accomplice. noun. 1. a person who knowingly helps another in a crime or wrongdoing, often as a subordinate


Brian & Angela Etchells


Brian & Angela Etchells are my In-Laws & Lauren's devoted parents; so devoted that they became willing accomplices in her criminal abduction of our daughter, Kaydance. Brian & Angela have been completely unco-operative with the police investigation.

Soon after Lauren kidnapped Kaydance, Brian & Angela also abruptly left Canada, abandoning a property they had bought in Victoria where building was about to begin on their dream home. The Etchells have been completely unco-operative with the police, going so far as to claim that they have no knowledge of Lauren's whereabouts & even that they have had no contact with her since May 8/16! In truth, before fleeing from Vancouver Island after their daughter, Brian & Angela had served as her proxy, & had even attempted to force the sale of our marital family home to fund Lauren's life on the run before they themselves ran away to avoid further scrutiny.

                                                                                         Angela is originally from South Shields, England & Brian is from Nottingham; the Etchells have another daughter (Lauren's sister Shannon) who lives here on Vancouver Island, but most of their relatives reside in England.

So, the question is... where are Brian & Angela now? The Etchells do own a condominium in Dubai, having worked & lived there many years before ostensibly retiring to Vancouver Island to be near Shannon & Lauren. Any sighting of Angela or Brian Etchells, particularly any sighting in Europe, could lead authorities to wherever Lauren is now hiding out from justice. 

After landing in London, Lauren is known to have stayed with various relatives throughout England. On the 22nd of May, 2016, having received substantial funds from family, Lauren took Kaydance & escaped through the chunnel to France, was later sighted in Spain, & then... dropped off the radar. 

As of this day, Kaydance & Lauren's whereabouts remain unknown; she may be running &/or hiding in any part of the EU.  

I am appealing to anyone reading our story... Where In The World Is Kaydance?

Marco van der Merwe


Marco van der Merwe is Lauren's childhood friend, & who is now her 'fiancee' (nevermind the fact that Lauren & I are still legally married to this day).

But let this be clear to all: Marco is NOT biologically related  to Kaydance!

  • Kaydance was conceived by a privately contracted sperm donor (& there is evidence to that fact) who wishes to remain anonymous.
  • I inseminated Lauren in the sanctuary of our bedroom immediately after the sperm donation. It took us 3 separate attempts, on 3 different dates, to conceive the child that we planned, wanted, & fully intended to raise together as a family.
  • When we were planning our second child (because our original donor was no longer available), Lauren proposed that we ask Marco to be the sperm donor for Kaydance's planned baby sibling... & he agreed.
  • In the early days of July, 2015 Marco arrived in Victoria on the premise of being our next sperm donor. At the last moment, Lauren informed me that she had decided to "self-inseminate" & she left to spend the weekend with Marco in Victoria without me. I was crushed by being excluded from the conception of our 2nd baby, but I ignored my feelings because our main goal was to provide Kaydance with a sibling. Lauren also insisted that the timing was crucial because she was ovulating that day, & because Marco lives in the Middle East & he would be returning there on August 9, 2015.
  • Lauren brought Marco back to our home in Nanaimo for the remainder of his stay in Canada. Things were definitely 'off' between Lauren & I...  suddenly our relationship was strained, but again, I disregarded the red flags being waved in front of my eyes. The very day that my wife returned from spending the weekend with Marco, she had humiliated me in front of him (shouting at me for eating some salsa that she was saving for herself). In bed together later on, I tried to talk to my wife about the incident when, completely out of the blue, Lauren declared, "I am done". I was stunned into silence because it was a complete blindside! My feelings were terribly hurt & I hoped  that my wife had only said such a hurtful thing to me in the heat of her anger, because (aside from minor squabbles over the years, like any other couple) I believed that we had a solid, happy marriage & a beautiful growing family started... right up until that moment. Because we had no privacy in our 500 square foot little suite with Marco underfoot or within earshot all the time, I dropped the subject entirely for the time being. I thought that Lauren would certainly cool off, possibly even apologize for her outburst, that we would kiss & make up and put that bit of ugliness behind us. After a couple days, we patched things up, and carried on.
  • We spent the next several weeks playing tour guide to Marco (including renting a houseboat on Sproat Lake, where we were also joined by Brian & Angela & some family friends). At that time, Lauren & I were renting out the main floor of our house while we lived in the one bedroom basement suite. Having Marco around all the time for so long infringed on our privacy & further strained our marital bond. 
  • Lauren went to a lot of trouble to promote a closeness between Marco & Kaydance, & I could not understand why she felt it so important that Kaydance have a connection with a man who is not related to her in any way, who would not serve any role of importance in her life, who lived half a world away, & who would not ever be any significant part of our family life. 
  • While a guest in our home, Marco made many complaints about his comfort, which I tried to accommodate as graciously as I could. He complained that his back bothered him from sleeping on our couch, so I picked up a motorhome for him to sleep in hoping that it would solve his comfort problem & we could all have a measure of privacy back... Marco complained that the street traffic was too noisy for him to be comfortable in the motorhome & promptly moved back into our tiny suite.
  •  Marco & Lauren were together constantly - speaking in whispers & being careful that I could not overhear their secretive discussions. Lauren was aggressively protective of Marco; I felt very hurt & excluded by my wife from my own family for the sake of her "friend".
  • By the end of Marco's visit, the fractures in our marriage could not be pushed aside any longer..separation was inevitable.
  • In September of 2016 (only a month after he had flown back to the Middle East!) Marco returned to Canada; he & Lauren soon announced their engagement, thereby adding 'Adulteress' to Lauren's resume. It soon became very clear that Lauren's aim was rewrite the history of Kaydance's life & to replace me as co-parent with Marco.

 Lauren wishes to erase me from Kaydance's life.

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Kaydance, My Love


Kaydance Paige Etchells

DOB: Sept 26, 2014

Born in Edmonton, Alberta

Blonde hair & Blue eyes

Abducted from Vancouver Island home on May 8, 2016

$10K Reward

Offering a $10,000 Cash Reward for information  leading to Kaydance's return to Canada.

My Wife, the Abductor


Lauren Ann Etchells

International Fugitive from Justice!

DOB: 09/21/1985

5'3" tall & 125-140 pounds

Hazel Eyes

Pierced ears & bellybutton

Dual British/Canadian Citizen

*Believed to be hiding out in Europe

The Accomplices


Contact the Authorities

Any sighting or suspected sighting of Kaydance... or of the wanted fugitive, Lauren Ann Etchells, or of any one of her accomplices anywhere at all  should be reported at once to the proper authorities. If you have any information at all about any of the people involved in this case, I urge you to please, please contact someone, whether it be the authorities or me.

Do NOT approach these people on your own, PLEASE! If Lauren or her accomplices suspect that they have been sighted, Lauren may take Kaydance & bolt to evade capture!

A reported sighting or other information could quite possibly lead to Kaydance's return to Canada, & payment of the $10,0000 cash reward.

If you wish to contact me directly, please use the convenient form on the CONTACT page of this site.